Monday, July 6, 2009

Read My Lips

I learned this from makeup artist Bobbi Brown and I definitely agree:

In general, when choosing lipsticks that make an impact, you want to try as best you can to go with the same colour family of your natural lip shade.
  • If you have lips that are pale and not a lot of pigment, you want to go towards corals so if you want darker lips go with cherry reds instead of a brick red.
  • If you have a lot of red in your lips then follow that lead and get colours that are in the pink or cranberry families.
  • If you have dark lips try brick reds or even darker colours with some shades of brown can work well.
For all lip shades, nude colours can work for a neutral lip, but be careful in the choice because nudes are not all the same. They are cooler based or warmer based. Which means that they will be more on the pink side or the tan/beige side. When you have the wrong one on you will see it right away!

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