Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dear God

Speaking of prayer...
When is the last time you prayed? Or have you ever prayed? In many traditions it is said that Prayer is the medium of miracles and I believe that to be true. What is meant by that is that the act of prayer brings us to out of the
new headerrealm of lower ego based energies to the higher realms of infinite possibilities where what your mind believed impossible is suddenly possible and who couldn't use a little miracle...or two...?
There are many of us who don't tend to pray for a couple of reasons; first that we don't have a specific prayer memorized, so we don't pray and secondly that we equate prayer with a specific religious practice of which we are not a member.
Well, I am here to tell you that Prayer can be done a million and one ways and doesn't necessarily have to have any religious component. Think of prayer as your inner dialogue with the Universe and it's endless and bountiful energy. The Universe is responding to your intention and your vibration and not necessarily your words.
So, for instance if when you are walking in the park and you feel close to nature and to yourself, share that with the Universe with a prayer of thanks. Or, if you are stuck in traffic, late for an important appointment and just plain pissed, be honest with the Universe by saying "I'm pissed (or something that conveys that vibration LOL!) and then pray for patience or pray to move all the traffic!
But, I have to say my personal favorite is to just pray all the time.... I often catch myself saying "Dear God...Dear God...Dear God..." I don't know why I do that, but I think it's because I know when I stay in touch with the Universal energies that are swirling above, below, inside, outside and around me, life is somehow easier and in that ease comes miracles...

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