Friday, July 17, 2009

Beautiful Words...


How often do you actually think about the words that you are saying? Words are extremely powerful tools, but the problem is that most of the time we are walking around using our words unconsciously. My clients know that one of my favorite unconscious words we use is "should". How many times a day do you say out loud or even more importantly to yourself
"I should...."?
First of all, who says you "should"? We tend to say that word as if there is some invisible bad guy standing behind us saying "You know, you should ______" and usually that blank is filled in by some task that you think you don't want to do.
And here's the rub; many times those things that we have made shoulds are really things, that on some level we want. For example "I should exercise" when in fact in many ways we want to exercise because we know that if we move our body in some way, we feel better.
So actually we turn what we want into a should... I am here to gently tell you..."STOP THAT!" It is one of those unconscious buggers that will keep us further and further away from our peace, happiness and dreams. I will say that this isn't always the situation, but the majority of the time it is. Take care of yourself...
For the next couple weeks stay conscious to every time you say "I should ______" and then do your best to replace it with "I want ____" Then listen to your heart and only then take the action.
When we become conscious of the words we are saying to ourselves and out loud then we can even begin to shift our lives.

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