Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It makes the World go around.....

How much $ would make you do a happy dance?
How much $ would make you begin to feel relaxed?
How much $ would you need to live your dreams?

I ask you this because even though money on it's own is neutral,
the fact is that in our world $ = freedom
and I want you to be free!

The subject of money takes up so much of our psychic, emotional and physical energy.
None of us are immune to the effect of it being in or out of our lives. Am I right? Open your mind to how you see money and ask yourself this:

If money was your lover and you were in an intimate relationship, what would that relationship look like?

Picture that...Feel that... Would you and Mr. Money have a loving, fun and productive relationship? Would you and Ms Money have an abusive, fearful and destructive relationship? Or is it the type of relationship where you are always getting "just enough" and craving for more? This concept may sound strange or funny but I believe it to be extremely powerful so please consider this question very seriously.

Think about it, if your are in a situation where you are always struggling, instead of flowing with money, how are you ever going to create more of it unless you are honest and start to shift your relationship?
I am here to tell you from personal experience that until you change your relationship with money, your situation will not change.
If you have not thought about it before, take the time to consider what type of relationship you have with money.
This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

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