Monday, July 6, 2009

Beautiful Farrah Hair

I am going to show my age here, but who cares...?! As a boy I grew up with Charlie's Angels (When Drew Barrymore was in ET and had no idea she would one day try and emulate those icons of style) photos all over my bedroom. I would collect every, and I mean every, picture of them that I could get my teenage hands on. I could go on and on..., but maybe another time.
In Honor of the great Farrah who's battle with cancer was courageous and heart breaking , I'm here to tell you that Charlie's Angels hair (or at least the flavor) is back!! Flat and overly straightened hair is done!! Wooo Hoooo! Even Farrah never succumbed to the flat trend!

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Look in any Allure, Vogue or Elle magazines and
you can see bigger, looser and overall much sexier hair.
These elements are so many things that I love about hair. They all subliminally say:
"I'm here, I'm sexy and I don't have to make my hair "perfect"! "
The idea is not to make it look too "done" or too big. If after you are done you have visions of Prom 1984 in the's too big!
What ever the length of your hair you can create the Angel flavor too.Try this easy steps:
If your hair is really curly or frizzy just tame it with a little polisher product like Frizz Ease drops, or if you have straighter hair, use (you have not heard this word in a while....) mousse! (I love Mousse Forte by Sebastian) Blow with round brush for a medium bend /curl in hair all over. When completely dry, tease a little all over but not to the extreme using a paddle brush.
Then spray with Shaper Hair Spray by Sebastian (MY FAVORITE!) and shape with fingers till your inner Farrah starts to appear...
Long Live Mousse!

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