Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beautiful Music

I can't stop telling everyone I know about my new favorite website and application...


This site has been around for a while but I just discovered it. Here's what Pandora does; it is a huge music database that creates radio stations for you when you input an artist or a title of a song. For example one of my favs right now is my Petula Clark station. It will first play a song by he
r then it will start to play music similar to that style. You can even give a particular song a thumbs up or thumbs down and from that info, Pandora will either avoid similar songs or look for ones that you like. I have many stations from Linkin Park to Claudine Longet! And once you have a few stations you can do a quick mix and it will shuffle the stations you choose. By the way did I tell you It's FREE! And you can download it as an application on your IPHONE!! I LOVE IT!!!

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