Friday, September 4, 2009

Beautiful Eyes: Lash Tints and Lash Perming

In my opinion, Lash tint and perms are over rated and also are VERY temporary for the cost that you will pay. Because it is near your eyes the types of products that can be used on your eyelashes are very mild compared with what you can put on your head, that being the case, most of the time people feel that it doesn't last very long.
A good eyelash curler and the right mascara can do the same thing. ( I almost exclusively use Dark Brown or Brown/Black. It looks more natural. I love Volume Exact Waterproof by Cover Girl)
On the other hand eyelash extensions can work very well, but do the research in your area for the best. It is costly, time consuming and if not done very well they will start washing off within a few days or two.
Hope that helps!

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