Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beautiful Spirit

-When you are Nervous Focus on Service -

This beautiful sentiment comes from author Doreen Virtue.
I just love that she puts it so plainly
because real truth is actually so simple.
idea here is that when you are nervous or scared, it's because on some level you are putting too much focus on yourself. You know what I mean, "Keep it all together" "Make sure everything is going ok" etc... If instead of focusing on yourself at those times, you let all that go and do something for someone else, you will find a release of pressure and a sense of peace. What's great about this is that when you start looking beyond your own fears, helping people becomes addictive because it makes you feel so good! You begin to look for ways to help other people on a daily basis. Then before you know it, you begin walking through life with a kind of grace, as if you don't have to "keep it all together" and "make sure everything is ok" Go forth and serve............

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