Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Alive

On the day after the presidential inauguration Oprah was visiting Walter Reed Hospital. Just so you know,
Walter Reed is for rehabilitation for the men and women who have served in the wars the United States are engaged in at the present time.

The first man that Oprah spoke with was an amputee (as most were) and as he spoke he told Oprah that his "Alive day was (date), and..." then Oprah stopped him and asked what he meant by Alive day? He explained that wounded soldiers consider the day that they were injured, but made it out alive was their Alive Day.... It is their celebration of being ALIVE. These soldiers take the time to acknowledge their very existence on this planet.
An Alive day is like a second chance or re-birth day
very similar to how people with terminal illnesses conquer the illness and celebrate the exact date they were deemed disease free. Many people who go through these experiences appreciate being alive in a different way than those who haven't had extreme brushes with death.
Alive day was a great reminder to not taking life for granted. Because it is a question always worth asking, I'll ask you what I asked myself as I watched these amazingly brave and courageous men and women speak of their Alive day:

"How can I appreciate my life more profoundly and make more of my days be Alive Days?"
I would love to hear how you answer that question for yourself. I may even share some with all of you in an upcoming edition of Reflections
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