Monday, March 2, 2009

How is that Working for You?

How is that working for you....?
I just finished the first round of my new Class on Trusting Your Vibes and it was a huge learning experience for me. I bring this up because a major part of any class or project that I am involved in is not just the project itself, but the assessment portion once that project is over.

I have learned over the years that sometimes, not always, the assessment is the most important part of the project. Assessment forces us to have to reflect and probe for the details of what specifically about the project went well, where were the challenges, and maybe most importantly what are the next steps to take in terms of the knowledge that was gained.
To put it simply, in my opinion Assessment requires:

Honesty ~ Specifics ~Next Steps

Now I'm not sure, but you may be saying..."Why the heck am I reading something about Assessment?" Well, I bring assessment up because we all need to assess or re-assess this project all of us are involved in called My Life. Now I do not agree with all he does, but as Dr. Phil McGraw says "How is that working for you....?" It is vitally important that we all take periodic looks at our lives and ask that question. "How is that working for you...?"

Periodic assessments of aspects of our lives help keep us feeling vital and alive. Assessment keeps us from living life unconsciously or by default. Assessment keeps us in line with being, doing and having whatever we dream of for our time on this planet.

Assessment can take many forms, from simply getting quite (sometimes easier said than done) and checking in with yourself in terms of how you are feeling, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Or it can be as complex as using assessment tools which require more commitment as far as breaking down in writing the specifics and recording where you are in your life at the present moment in relation to what your end result may be.

Whatever form you choose for a specific purpose may not matter as much as just taking the time to periodically ask yourself:

"How is that working for me?"

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