Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Oh Mary!

Today I went for a run. As a runner, some days you really need a run. Today was one of those days. I just needed the inspiration of getting my blood pumping and clear my head so I could feel deeper.
So even though the humidity in NYC was almost unbearable this morn, I decided to run outside instead of the gym for some crazy reason. I am learning little by little to not question the "crazy reasons"... so I ran to the Hudson river.
Although it was not a long run I was very glad that I was outside in the open air instead of the treadmill (BTW I have nothing against the treadmill!)
When I run there is a little bit of "get to the end" feeling because I love that release when I can just let go and feel and listen when I am done. That time after the run is in many ways the most precious time for me.
Recently that time has been spent at a local Catholic church called Holy Family, which ironically was the name of the catholic school I went to from 1st to 4th grade. In this church is one of the sweetest alters to the Virgin Mary. She is so serene and welcoming. And even better most of the time there is no one in the church.
I sit alone in this all but forgotten church sweaty from the humidity and from my run and let go and feel my feelings whatever they may be. Mary quitely looks over me while I allow myself to just be. Sometimes my eyes are open and other times they are closed, but whenever I look up she is there with that sweet open expression that has comforted thousands upon thousands of New Yorkers over the years. She is truly a beauty.

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