Monday, July 7, 2008

Beauty Detective Journal Entry #1 Head & Shoulders

Today I begin my public Beauty Detective Journal.
It is my hope that with these reflections, others will be inspired in some way to begin to see all the beautiful things, events and moments that are already happening in their own lives as well.

Today as I walked my best friend Terri to the train I held my dog Dexter against my chest. He was positioned in such a way that his little head rested perfectly on my shoulder. As he rested his body against mine I could feel his little heart beat. That in itself was a beautiful connection, but just as I thought that, I was aware of my heart right under his and for a few beats they were in sync with each other.This was such a special feeling and even more special because Dexter has heart disease and in that moment it felt perfect and strong.

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Mary Robin said...

Hey Max! Congrats on getting the beauty blog up.
I love the Beauty Detective Journal! A great reminder that beauty is always there to be found.